Train The Trainer - Skills Development Workbook
Train The Trainer - Skills Development Workbook
Train The Trainer - Skills Development Workbook
Train The Trainer - Skills Development Workbook

Train The Trainer - Skills Development Workbook

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This workbook is aimed at individuals who are new to a training or facilitator role. This may include:

  • Full time trainers and facilitators with little experience of delivery
  • Team managers and leaders who are required to develop their staff
  • Individuals who are keen to develop their training delivery ability

The workbook is intended to guide you through the theory of “Train the Trainer” and allows you to develop your understanding by providing information, and then asks you to apply the concepts you have learnt to your work and real situations. It will increase your understanding and make you a more effective deliverer of training events. It will give you new skills and knowledge to act as a trainer to deliver pre-designed courses. 

This workbook can be used in association with other titles in our workbook range. This workbook will increase your understanding and equip you with the necessary skills. You are asked to read and complete the exercises in the book in order to embed your learning 

What is covered? 

This workbook covers the following topics: 

  • What is training? – This section clarifies what we actually mean by the term “training.” 
  • Analysis – All important: - this is where all good training must start. An accurate analysis of the learning needs of the organisation, it anticipates the need before it arises and ties in directly with organisational and individual needs. 
  • Design – Having identified the needs, it is critical to design the learning to best match the learners and subject matter. Here we cover learning theory, models of learning, and trainer styles and approaches to design and delivery methods. 
  • Delivery – This is the performance section. We will explore creating good learning states, building trust, facilitating and using different techniques. 
  • Evaluation – Following the delivery of the learning, we need to consider how it went. How could it be improved? What evidence is there? We will look at a process to capture this information and how to feedback your findings. 


Learning objectives


This workbook will enable you to:  

  • Obtain flexibility in your own delivery and awareness of delegate’s needs and learning styles.
  • Be fully competent in the use of visual aids, support material and equipment.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback on your training events.
  • Demonstrate appropriate rapport building, questioning and listening skills.
  • Become a more effective, competent trainer.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver a confident training session.